Customer Life-Cycle Marketing

  1. Find New Customers – TracPoint offers several different marketing programs to grow your customer base. Send over-sized paper mailers to prospects around you with customized offers only good at your stores. Implement a Referral Program inside your Mobile App or on your customer mailers to gain new business.
  2. Close the Sale – The most important part of the customer life cycle. It is imperative to gather as much customer information as possible. In addition to collecting customer information for marketing down the road, have all your customers load your Mobile App to have a direct channel of communication.
  3. Create Customer Loyalty - It is important to let your customers know how important they are to you. Send thank you emails and mailers with special offers that are only good at your stores. TracPoint will make sure that all your marketing collateral is uniquely trackable and tied directly to each customer. Whether it's through the Mobile App, emailing, or mailing it is important to offer special benefits to your customers so they come back to you.
  4. Stay Connected – Stay top of mind. Use TracPoint Apps to send push notifications to your customers with special promotions. Couple this with monthly email and mailer promotions if any of your customers need anything additional for their device or new lines for their family plan.
  5. Add-Ons and Upgrades – Target your upgrade eligible customers with high quality plastic gift card mailers and emails to get them back into your stores.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Track Your Results

Whether it’s digital marketing or time-tested direct mail, you can track all your marketing efforts with TracPoint to prove ROI.

Differentiate Your Store

Make sure customers know that your business is different from the carrier stores by sending customized marketing material with your store information, and even custom maps.

Reduce Customer Churn

On average, 60% of your customers won’t return for repeat purchases. TracPoint’s programs specialize in increasing customer loyalty through benefits and special offers to keep your customers coming back to you.

Customer Loyalty

Make your store, your customer’s store. Your retail location should be the first place your customers think of to get that new accessory or add-on.

Turnkey Marketing

TracPoint makes marketing easy. Let us do all the work for you. Whether it is custom App development, Email Marketing, or Direct Mail, TracPoint experts simplify the process for you.

Coop Approved

TracPoint is currently 100% Coop approved for Verizon and Sprint retailers and can work with all corporate brands.

Increase Sales

TracPoint, the innovator of marketing products in the wireless industry, leverages the best practices to help increase your bottom line.

Personalized Campaigns

Every campaign that TracPoint sends out on your behalf is completely customized, including: your company logo, authorized retailer logo, address, website, phone number and unique offers, to increase your response.

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