How to Engage with Customers on Social Media

Engaging with your customers can be a difficult process, especially while trying to maintain authenticity. Though the process can be tough there are ways to make this activity a bit less daunting a lot more effective.

1. Post User-Generated Content

If you’ve built a brand with loyal customers, chances are they are posting about your brand on their personal Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. If the content is good, not only are you getting free content from your customers but by sharing, retweeting, or utilizing their content for your own pages, you're developing an unbreakable connection. Make sure to give them proper credit and send a direct message thanking them personally. This will help you engage with your customer but also excite other loyal customers to do the same with hopes of having their work shared!

2. Stop Advertising to your Followers

The last thing your followers want is annoying advertising from your brand. So leave your paid posts off of your pages, give them real content, have a bit of fun, and keep the conversation interesting. Be more social and less salesy, you shouldn’t be “cold-calling” your loyal customers. Instead you should be giving them a reason to follow, interact, and engage.   

3. Message Them Directly

I am a huge proponent of commenting back to all of your user inquires, criticisms, and compliments. I think it really separates the brands that care about their customers on a personal level from those who just see customers as dollars. But what’s really important is to send direct messages to your customers thanking them for their support, a comment they made on your page, or something they shared to their own page that struck a nerve for your organization. Make your customers feel like they matter, make them feel like family, and you will see an increase in engagement from those followers.

4. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Give back to your followers. This is a super important piece, especially if you already have a loyal following. If you create a contest you can gather emails, phone numbers, and you can force your followers to participate if the gift is too good to pass up. This will excite your followers and make them more eager to continue to take time out of their days to browse your page and see what exciting news may be in store for them.

5. Be Fun

Nobody wants to follow a serious brand without a sense of humor on social media. So open up your personality. Post a funny meme, get punny, post something completely irrelevant to your business but perfectly relevant to a relaxing evening on the couch with a glass of wine. Take into consideration that your followers are real people, and it’s ok to be real with them. They will actually love you for it! 

Brianna Figucia