The Correlation Between Social Media & SEO

The Correlation Between Social Media & SEO

Social Media and SEO go hand and hand. If you optimize one you optimize the other by default. In the ever growing market of businesses both your social media presence and your SEO is tremendously important to your businesses growth and success.


1. Local Search

Many businesses are unaware of the direct impact that social media has on local search. Linking your social profiles (Google+, Facebook, Yelp) to your businesses and optimizing as much information as possible is a crucial step to local search-ability. If you have multiple locations this optimization becomes even more important. Further, having updated information is crucial to customer service and overall happiness. Making sure your store hours, phone number, and address are up to date will keep your potential customers satisfied.


2. Sharing Content

Sharing a healthy amount of good content with your network frequently is great for your social media ranking and if your social media outlets are linked directly to your website this is good for your SEO ranking as well. It’s important to always be creating your own quality content to be shared by others, while selecting quality content created by others to share out to your own networks. This marriage will help to create a great social presence and high rankings in web search.


3. Generating Reviews

Generating online reviews is a growing trend for businesses. Especially generating positive reviews. Having a great online presence hinges on your online reputation therefore it is crucial to get a high quantity of quality online reviews. Preferably a 4-star + reputation. In order to successfully build an online presence, it’s essential to have a steady stream of positive reviews regarding your business and your businesses individual locations. If you have a great reputation on Google +, Facebook, and Yelp your business will receive a higher ranking in both SEO search and social media search. Which can be the difference between your business getting new customers and losing them to competitors.


It’s key to understand the correlation to Social Media and SEO. There is a direct relationship between the two and they are growing concerns for marketers in all fields of business. Getting a hold of both needs to be a priority and understanding their relationship can give you a head start while planning to tackle this initiative in 2017.

Brianna Figucia