5 Ground Level Changes Wireless Retailers Can Make to Improve Their Social Presence

The emphasis on digital and social are growing with 71% of companies increasing their marketing budgets this year (Webbiquity) and 78% of companies admitting they have a dedicated social media team. (Iscoop) The looming concern is how to strategize these new methods and create successful campaigns.

As wireless retailers and manufactures begin to allocate more time, money, and resources to utilizing social networks the challenge is learning how to leverage its power. There is evidence to suggest that for the vast majority of business’, 50% which admitted that although they use digital and social media marketing strategies, have yet to build a strategic plan of execution. (Smart Insights & TFM&A) And we can assume that a significant chunk that do have a plan are not executing it effectively.

For the vast majority of wireless retailer’s social media is a single corporate Facebook page, with branded content, ranging from promotions to short generic posts. If you’re a 100 store chain, chances are there are close to 100 user created Facebook pages for each individual location. Imagine claiming all 100 of those pages, properly branding them, and harnessing all of the likes, check-ins, and feedback? You’d be creating 100X the positive brand exposure.

Still, marketing departments are confused as to why they can’t build a following, get customers to engage or see any ROI. Unfortunately, simply transferring traditional marketing tactics into the social space will not see results. A retailer that just plugs its branded videos and images, creates digital marketing material, and mimics it’s competitors will get lost in the buzzing social spectrum.

Five Basic Steps for Wireless Retailers

  1. Create or Claim ALL Local Pages
  2. Offer Exclusive Coupons & Promotions
  3. Get your Sales Staff involved with encouraging check ins and followers
  4. Involve the Local Community & share content that speaks to them
  5. Pose Questions to Your Customers and Engage (make sure you are actively viewing and responding to your customers daily)

These are ground level adjustments to build the base for your stores. Once you’ve cleaned up your social media mess and have created a bit of local buzz you’ll then be able to gain a  more complex understanding of how social media marketing works.

Brianna Figucia