5 Things your Brand is Doing Wrong on Social Media

1. You Haven’t Made it a Priority

The first and worst offense on this list is that your business has not made its social media channels a priority. You’ve haphazardly thrown up a profile picture, cover photo, and assigned a few marketing employees or children of yours to post on your social media channels when they have time. This means you are not leveraging social media, it’s analytics, or using the tool to LISTEN to your customers. You’re essentially wasting your energy and efforts.

Social media demands strategy, content creation, schedules, and at least one designated person to run your current and experiment with alternative platforms.


2. You Aren’t Carefully Planning Your Content

You’re posting whatever comes to mind or that of which is available. You’re not identifying your audience. And You’re not posting on a consistent schedule. Also, you create the same content for all your social media channels…as if that will yield the same result. 

Content is incredibly important and the selection and creation of that content needs to be carefully selected and designed to act as a representation of your brand. It also needs to add value to your followers. This could be in the form of an inspirational quote, an informative article, or a promotion that drives financial value upon their next shopping experience.


3. You’re Not Posting at the Right Times

You post when you have time rather than posting when the analytics PROVE you’ll get the most interaction… See below the appropriate times to post and create a schedule for these posts. Data matters, don't underestimate the power of posting at the right times!

Facebook : 3-4PM on Wednesday / 1-4PM Thurs-Fri

Twitter: 12-3Pm Mon-Fri / Wednesday 5-6PM

LinkedIn: 730-830am / 12-1pm / 530-630pm Tues-Thurs

Instagram: Mon-Thursday 8am-3pm / 3pm-11pm Eastern time with jackpot being between 4-6pm mid-week


4. Your Message is Contrived

You create your content and your messaging as if your brand is a robot. This type of censorship is boring, uncool, and a sure-fire way of getting your brand recognized for the wrong reasons. If your brand doesn’t have a hip, authentic, human voice you can pretty much assure that your campaign will struggle.

You need to trust your social media people to create the right social voice for your brand and do not hinder them with strict branding guidelines. If you can't trust their creative nature and skill set then you should start looking elsewhere or starting looking at your own attitude toward social. 


5. You Aren’t Exploring New Platforms

Are you stuck on Facebook? Do you use Instagram? Are you familiar with Snapchat? Pinterest? … If you question the usage or application of any of these platforms, I suggest you do some research. Each brand has their own agenda and each platform serves a brand differently. It’s up to you to identify what works best.

If you’re a wireless retailer or grocery chain Facebook is King, but if you’re a snack brand it's advisable to turn your efforts to Insta, Snap, and Pinterest. Especially if you have a visually compelling story to tell. 

This all starts with making social media a priority today. You don't want to be left behind. As these outlets grow the brands that set early footprints strive and the one's that lag have a lot of catching up to do. And that's not an easy task! 

Always feel free to reach out :) 

Brianna Figucia