The Death of Organic Reach

Gone are the days of building an organic audience through content. Now, paid advertising is the only true way to build a client base through content on the Facebook platform.

Though there are still grass root methods of gaining a following to share your content with there is just too much noise for brands to reach their target audience organically through the Facebook platform. Even with a large following, reach is at an all time low and is seemingly dropping at an alarming rate right down to ZERO.

It has come to the point that in order for users to see a brand’s content it must be paid content. Whether that be a sponsored post, a dark post, or a page boost, in order to get your brand in front of customers to drive sales you’re going to need to pay Facebook.

From a logical perspective it makes sense. Facebook wants to drive their revenue and force businesses to pay them their marketing dollars to partake in the platform. Obviously for small businesses this can be discouraging and frustrating because budgets are scarce for digital media efforts.

The good news is that for as little as $5 dollars a day you can create a Facebook budget and begin the process of testing different content and messaging to see what your reach is, can be, and what benefits you can expect to see on a small and large scale.

The cold hard truth is that Facebook is becoming “a media channel.” Death to organic reach for brands. If brands have a call of action they need to treat the platform like any other advertising platform and front up some marketing dollars.

This push will only continue to go in this direction further. It’s a great time for brands to begin the process of allocating marketing dollars to Facebook for 2017 and realize that this powerful platform will no longer be of use to brands who don’t want to pay to entry fee.

It’s imperative for brands that want to utilize social media, (all should) to realize that organic reach is dying and that their marketing dollars will need to support their efforts. This most likely will be the norm across all platforms as time goes forward. Being ahead of the curve is crucial to your brands success. 

Brianna Figucia