What Kind of Content Should be Posted to Each Social Media Network?

Figuring out what kind of content to post to each platform can be difficult. Creating that content and implementing it successfully can be a nightmare. Here are some tips to get you started.


Your Facebook content should be a healthy mixture of promotions, fun, light hearted humor, and buzzing information. It's also good to sprinkle in a bit of your own content created by your team so your page doesn't remain too generic. We recommend giving your customers a reason to follow by utilizing exclusive online promotions & giveaways. These can be fun and resourceful and are a good way to track your social media marketing follow through. 

We also recommend sharing out informative content from reputable news sources and blogs. The more share worthy a story, the better it helps your chances of getting than content seen and engaged with. Post out new or articles relevant to trending topics. 

The last bit of content we recommend is doing something fun, light, and personal to your business's Facebook. Whether you create a meme or post on Friday's about the weekend, remember that social media is suppose to be light and fun and people want to see the brands they love humanize themselves on these platforms. 


LinkedIn is a more professional network so this is a great platform to share out stories about your industry, articles written by your employees, blogs written for your company, and other important announcements. This is a place to make B2B connections and solidify your name in the industry. 

It's also a way to recruit new employees and prospective clients so take both of these things into consideration when posting to LinkedIn. 


Instagram is a visual platform. It's a place to leave the advertising at home and to tell your brands story through high quality imagery and video. If you're having a hard time creating the content hire an external agency to do the day to day work and help to implement the content. 

It's a difficult platform to make an impact on so make sure it makes sense for your brand. Typically brands with a highly visual story to tell or a product with great packaging can really see results on this platform. Other businesses will see none. 


Twitter is a platform for celebrities, politicians, and individuals to speak and for the rest of us to hear. Some businesses have mastered twitter and others have just scratched the surface. I highly recommend this platform for large brands, and I recommend them using it for fun and to gain followers. This is also your time to get involved in trending topics. See what people are using for hashtags and get in on the action! 

Brands such as Taco Bell have been able to revolutionize their brand by starting friendly wars with competitors and seeing who can be more clever. It takes a certain reputation to be effective on Twitter so make sure your brand has the bandwidth before making the investment. 

For more specific examples don't hesitate to reach out to us directly!

Brianna Figucia