The Importance of Having a Social Media Calendar

Let’s get real. For most company’s social media is a scramble to find something worth posting. A daily or weekly, did I post to social media today? This week? What did we even post type of thing and then a scramble to find something relevant and worthwhile to compensate for your disorganization.

Before you get upset, this is pretty much what everyone is doing on social media. That is why it’s incredibly important to build a social media calendar and strategically plan out your posts. This will not only boast well for your mental health, but will also improve your overall social media presence.

The question now is how to create a calendar and how to manage the posting duties effectively.


Step 1: Create, Choose, Prepare Content to be Posted

One hard part of any businesses social media campaign and regular posting duty is choosing the type of content that needs to be posted out. Many struggle to find the right formula. And struggle to know where to store it. Our recommendation is to mix it up and be genuine. A good ration is:

30% - Relevant News / Info about the business you are in

30% -Curated content created by your organization (or a third party agency) – Promotions, announcements, photographs etc.

30% - Fun and relevant content – Tips, Recipes, Memes, humor, “light sharing” – Remember social media is a casual avenue

10% - Advertisement- Imagery, Videos, Etc. Keep the “salesly” stuff off of your pages 90% of the time and you won’t annoy your followers enough to click the unfollow button


Step 2: Chose a Social Media Platform

One great thing about being organized and knowing what you are going to post is that there are platforms, like TracPoint that work to help you post content out. Not just one piece of content to one social media network, but several pieces of content over a long period of time on several different social media platforms. One – Two – Three Months out in advance or more the platform can house and schedule content for your business and have it ready to launch at a specific time of day. This works to save you a lot of time and be rewarded for being prepared and having content to post out regularly without having to go into panic mode.


Step 3: Post Regularly + Post More of What Your Users Want to See

Once you’ve created a schedule it’s important to stick to it. Why? Because your followers have learned to expect a certain amount of output and if they see you slipping they will notice and either be upset or unfollow. You want to created the content and schedule it out and then build a regimen that you can stick too. And it’s also important to continue to realize what your users like and what they don’t like and try to recreate more of what they like. This can also be done within TracPoint’s social media platforms analytics function.

As in all aspects of business it’s important to be both reliable and consistent and that honor does not fade when it comes to social media.




Brianna Figucia