How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest in 5 Steps

Getting creative on social media is a must. So thinking of creative ways to increase traffic, exposure, and build brand awareness should be a weekly thing for your business. One of the great ways to generate interest in your business is to run a social media contest. So let’s break down just how to do this:

Step 1: Create a Call to Action

And make it simple. We typically suggest simply having users “tag a friend” in order to be illegible. We understand that sometimes the goal is to get more followers so requiring people to do X, Y, and Z may be more tempting, but chances are you will lose a lot of activity by making things too complicated. So simply have your users tag a friend to be eligible to win.

Step 2: Pick a Prize

And make sure it’s a good one. Everyone wants to win, and social media should be fun. So simply blend those two together and magically you get… Engagement! But in order to secure more engagement create the budget to support a prize worth qualifying for. Let’s say a 42-inch flat screen TV or if you’re a Wireless Dealer a brand new IPhone 7.

Step 3: Choose Simple Copy & Powerful Imagery

And do it right. This is where you’ll need to get creative or have someone else get creative for you. Choosing simple copy is essential, so be direct, be humorous, and get your point across. As for imagery, pick something that stands out, that’s of high quality, and that will get users attention. And avoid low budget content that screams “There’s a catch!”

Step 4: Spend some Money on Advertising

And don’t be cheap. If you want to create a contest on Facebook it’s essential you spend behind that contest. Yes, we know it’s unfair, but it’s the only real way to assure that your post will be seen. So spend $100 on a demographic close to your stores and let the engagement do its job. Once your post gets commented on, shared, and liked it should be on it’s way to becoming micro-viral!

Step 5: Stay Active Throughout the Contest

And do have some fun. This is your chance to have some fun with all the engagement of the contest. Comment back to tags, make some posts outside of your sponsored contest post to reference your contest. Build up some excitement before announcing the winner. And make everyone feel like your business is engaged.

And lastly: Do this more than once while refining your efforts each time and keep having fun!

Brianna Figucia