Importance of Design in Social Posts

The importance of strong design and social posts are often overlooked by companies. Though many think this topic is irrelevant, professional designers and marketers may disagree. The importance of design closely relates to a few major topics, brand, visibility, and may even lead to conversion.




All good design begins with a good brand and all brands begin with a good design. Designs with good branding help convey who the message is geared to and what this specific message is trying to accomplish, which also helps brands move forward with a more focused end goal. Finally a good brand always stays consistent across all platforms, which allows recognition and memorable experiences.



Good design helps companies stand out from the crowd. Within the competitive field from business and marketing, most companies have their own styles. Good design ensures your company has the competitive edge to stand out and grab the attention of your viewers that your competitors could not. Whatever the design is, whether it is social media posts, web designs, or print material, great designs help you speak to your prospects and create new connections.



Conversions, when speaking with business professionals and marketing consultants, are usually determined by copyright and sales numbers. Though great design also fuels this flame by adding a psychological perspective to the mix. Colors, photographs, and layouts all play a massive role in affecting consumers emotions which may influence conversion rates immensely.



Mike Guleserian