Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

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Opportunities for Loyalty.

Coupons are great tools that provide incentive for customers to buy something, and an app makes the hassle of clipping out a small piece of paper from the Sunday ads a thing of the past. By simply offering 20% off exclusively through the app, you reward your most loyal customers who’ve taken the time to download your app; in turn, they feel the benefit of exclusivity. With TracPoint's unique serialized coupon module, you can track your offers right into the store!



By having an app, you are right at the touch of your customer's fingertips. You can virtually go anywhere with them and when they are i need of your service, they can easily access the information they need. In fact, TracPoint offers an even more advanced solution with our digital business card. When you load your card onto a customer's device at the point of sale, you give them full access to you and your store information. They will never again wonder how they can get in contact with a representative at your store!

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Customer Interaction increases

People like to hear from other people—it’s human nature. So naturally, we want to know how others would rate the product or service we’re interested in purchasing. With TracPoint's apps, we promote customer feedback through your app by triggering a survey for your customers to leave a review. This interaction allows your business to see how you're performing and drive traffic to your social sites to increase your reviews so that your brand goes from good to great.


Everyone's Doing It

As cliche as this may sound, your competitors and their competitors are all producing apps for their shops. It’s no longer just larger companies, but small- to medium-sized businesses as well. Consumers are more likely to shop at retail stores that have mobile access than those who do not, simply because going in store and looking for products is one-dimensional—your customers want more. Mobile is now mandatory for small business growth!

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Brianna Figucia