10 Tips for Creating Riveting Content

We’ve all been there. Staring at a computer screen, willing words to form coherent sentences on the blank page in front of us. Writing content can be a daunting task. How do you engage your customers while staying informative and maintaining your brand identity? While there’s no magic formula, incorporating the tips below will elevate the quality of your content, ultimately making your potential customers more inclined to engage with your business.   


1.  Be Original 

No one wants to spend time reading about things they already know! To engage your readers, draw them into your social media content with a new concept or a creative spin on a traditional idea. 


2.  Create strong headlines

The headline is the first thing your readers will see. Make it catchy or interesting to entice them to explore further.


3.  Have a call to action

The best information should be applicable to real life. Give your readers tips on how to use the information you’re providing. Not only will this be helpful, but it will make you seem more knowledgeable.


4.  Provide answers

Whatever the topic may be, your readers are looking for your knowledge to answer their questions. For example, if there is an upcoming sale or new product, be direct and informative.


5.  Have accurate details  

Having relevant, true facts builds credibility. If readers know you’re a reliable source, they’re likely to seek more information from you in the future. 


6.  Add photos or videos

Communicate your ideas in another, more visual way by adding photos or videos to your article. Your readers will appreciate a break from the text, just be sure that the images are relevant to and complement the subject of the article.


7.  Eliminate “the fluff”

There is no need to clutter your social media page with a copious amount of adjectives or filler sentences. Readers can easily spot the difference between important information and words added just to fill space. Choose wisely. 


8.  Update your social content regularly

Consistency is key. Readers will not be enticed to follow your business if the last piece of content is dated over a year ago. Adding new information on a regular basis will keep them checking back for more.


9.  Write how you speak

If you’re really stuck, try to think about how you would verbally explain your idea to a friend. Thinking and then writing in this way will create a great first draft to edit into more appropriate terms.


10.  Proof read

There is nothing worse than having to mentally sift through spelling mistakes and grammatical disasters in order to find relevant information in an article. Make it easy for your followers by taking the time to re-read and edit an entry before posting.


Use the ten steps listed above to create succinct and appealing content. Play around with different headlines, videos, and writing styles to get a sense of what your readers truly enjoy. And as always, happy writing!

Audrey Boyer