The Best Print Products for Your Business



Our world is cluttered with online noise. Every website we go to, we scroll through hundreds of ads, whether you realize it or not. That’s why the power of print is at an all time high. Print marketing gets your message in the hand of potential consumers as well as provides a highly targeted audience to ensure you’re reaching only the best prospects.


Why Use Direct Mail?

  • Direct mail response rates are anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than digital.

  • Direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email.

  • 60% of people said direct mail made a more lasting mental impression on them, making it easier to recall later on.



Top Performing Mailer Formats


NDM Sample_Sprint_20180322.png

Neighborhood Direct Mailer

Reach every household around your stores with high quality neighborhood direct mail. Neighborhood direct mailers are the most cost effective method of mailing via your local post office. This format allows you to both get your message out to a large audience and differentiate your stores from the competition. These oversized media formats make sure your message can’t be missed!


E2 Self Mailer w Perf Sample_Detached Card_Verizon_20180322.png


This is a fast and simple personalized message sent directly from your store to customers. Self-mailers provide a personal touch to a customer and are proven to provide a higher customer return rate. The primary advantage of self-mailers is their lower cost. Because they mail on their own, they are cheaper to print, are easier to assemble (no need to match addressee on letter with envelope with reply card), and require less handling (no envelope and lettershop inserting costs).


D2 Sample_Gym_Paper_Detached Card_20180326.png

Perforated Mailers

These paper mailers will have perforated cards that allow you to give discounts to your customers. Tear off cards give more bang for your marketing buck – the two in one postcard mailer serves as advertising and allows you to simultaneously distribute coupons, business cards, appointment cards, event tickets, etc. This tear off card is typically the size of a business card, which allows consumers to easily stick your card into their wallet so they always have it ready to use! You’re far more likely to improve your direct mail response rates by encouraging people to interact with pop-out and perforated mail.



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