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6 Facebook Marketing Tips For The Holidays

If Facebook isn't already, it should be part of your companies marketing plan. If you want your business' content to reach consumers, having a presence on Facebook is a given. Although some of the younger demographics are passing up Facebook in favor of other social networks like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook still dominates the market.

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How Wireless Retailers Get Millienials in Their Store

As a millennial, marketer, consumer, blogger, and consistent social media user, I ask all retailers one question: what are you doing on social media? Are you haphazardly posting forced content? Fumbling around to figure out who is going to manage it? Confused as to what new platforms are relevant and what an engaging campaign is comprised of? Do you still think managing one corporate page without location pages is enough? For the vast majority of retailers, all of these questions I’ve posed ring true to some degree. And that couldn’t be more of an issue.

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5 Unique Buying Habits of Millennials

1. They Want to Try the Flavor of the Week

Millennials are promiscuous, they're exposed to millions of recipes, cuisines, options, and ideas. And they are much more likely to try new things than previous generations. They want what’s new, fresh, and trending. Whether it be the newest craft beer, the freshest organics, or the trendiest snack foods. Millennials are on a constant mission to explore flavors and they’re willing to find the money to indulge in these experiences.

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4 Steps for Wireless Retailers to Create Social Customer Service Hubs

Customer service is a growing concern of mine, especially referring to larger companies who’ve “brilliantly” cut costs by outsourcing their call centers overseas. I know all of you have spent precious hours of your life conversing with “Steve” from Mumbai to solve an issue or make a formal complaint. Unfortunately, the number one reason loyal customers switch brands is a direct result of poor customer service. Whether it’s long wait times, broken English, or no response at all, customers are leaving brands they’ve been with for years because they do not feel like VALUED customers anymore.

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"Share-ability" and How to Engage with Generation Y

Have retailers ever had more competition? As if grocers weren’t having a hard enough time competing with the influx of additional brick and mortar supermarkets, now they’re faced with the growing e-commerce trend (groceries being ordered online). And the demographic most responsible for creating this dilemma? Generation Y! The millennial shoppers are changing the way brands are marketing themselves and forcing retailers to take a unique, more open-minded approach to doing business. 

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