TracPoint offers a wide array of print options. Reach every household around your stores using the most cost effective method of mailing with customized oversized paper mailers to get your message out and differentiate your stores. Build a customized portal featuring all marketing material your organization might need, making it easy for managers or franchisees to select what they order from one site. Promotional products are also a great way to get communicate your message in creative ways. 

In-Store Print Products


Online Print Portal

From clients who have 50 employees to publicly traded companies with more than 5000 employees, we offer a complete online solutions for businesses, non-profits, franchisers or anyone looking to make the business ordering process more effective, cheaper and faster than before. Just identify all the print and promotional products your organization needs, then we will build it into your very own custom branded print portal.

Neighborhood Direct Mail 

Neighborhood Direct Mail

PAPER FORMAT: 4/4 4.25″ x 11″ 100 lb. Gloss Cover w AQ. 
Reach every household around your stores with high quality neighborhood direct mail. Using the most cost effective method of mailing via your local post office allows you to both get your message out to a large audience and differentiate your stores from the competition. 

Neighborhood Direct Mail is an all-inclusive program that includes design, print, postage, customization, serialized and static barcodes, shipping, and custom map. Product will be shipped in approximately 7-10 days, and expected in home arrival projected at approximately 3-4 days thereafter.

Deluxe Paper Perforated Mailer

8.75″ x 4″ 4/4 four color front and back with 2 paper perforated gift card punch outs.
These paper mailers will have  perforated cards that allow you to give discounts to your customers. Completely customized mailer, including: your company logo, address, website, phone number, serialized or static barcodes and customized deals on the gift cards.

Plastic Combo Card Mailer

9″ X 4″ Four color front and back 30 or 20ml plastic postcard with custom variable print and 2 gift card punch outs.
The Deluxe Plastic Combo Card Mailer has two Gift Cards on one postcard to increase results. Completely customized mailer, including: your company logo, address, website, phone number, serialized or static barcodes and customized deals on the gift cards.

Promotional Products


Credit card sized 30 ml teslin card 4 color front, black and white back with barcode.  The standard gift card (CR80) is a credit card sized gift card that includes your company’s logo and store information with stunning creative.



Table Tent Cards are printable on both sides, and offer a great promotional opportunity. These are economically efficient, easy to keep and maintain, and are also beautifully decorated with a gloss appeal if required.


Iron Man

Iron Man displays are a great way to educate your customers and prospects. Use these displays to highlight a new promotion or even your Mobile App. Make your promotion front and center.


Oversized 30 ml teslin card 4 color front, black and white back with barcode. 
Hanging gift cards include custom creative and your company’s logo and information. You can customize the message on the cards to personalize the piece even more.



TracPoint will create customized greeting cards for you for all occasions.  All greeting cards will be designed with your store logo, carrier logo, store phone number, store email address, store website, and any special offer.


Feather Flags

Feather Flags are a perfect promotional tool. Advertise the latest promotions to capture customer’s and prospect’s attention. Each Feather Flag will be completely customized with your store’s logo, carrier logo and any other store information you’d like.


4”x 9” – 16 PT UV on both sides
Rack Cards can be handed out to every customer at your point of sale. QR Codes can be included to provide a quick website link or to download your company app. Complete customization with store information.  



Single and double side printing, on the outside into complete color bleeds, along with inside lining printing. Premium linen, cotton, cougar and laid stocks states all, even hardcopies as sample color proofs when requested.