Pets of TracPoint

Ollie Calendar.jpg


Ollie is a 1-year old cat adopted by our Marketing Manager, Brianna, from the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH. Ollie enjoys going for walks in the park on his leash, playing with catnip toys, and watching birds outside the window. He frequently joins the TracPoint team in the office and brightens up our day with his large paws and fluffy mane. When he’s not working hard in the office, he enjoys curling up in the sun and taking a cat nap. His laid back demeanor and friendly personality have earned him the nickname “Cat-Dog” by the TracPoint team.




Chippy is a 5 year old Mini Rex, born in Seabrook, NH. Our Marketing Coordinator Audrey, saw a sign on the side of road for bunnies and she just could not resist. Chippy is a house rabbit meaning he runs around freely in the upstairs of the house. He loves playing with his cat sister Nala, chewing on cardboard boxes and eating treats. Chippy visits the TracPoint team in the office from time to time when his office pal Ollie is also visiting. 


Office pet playtime ft. Ollie and Chippy.