TracPoint is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing for multi-location retailers. 

Incorporated in 2003, TracPoint provides innovative marketing programs and services for retailers across the US. Products include social media management, mobile app development, custom print portals, reviews accelerator program, and a serialized coupon module that tracks results across several mediums. TracPoint helps retailers and businesses increase sales and measure their marketing results, then with that knowledge, point their efforts in the right direction to improve ROI. We believe that every marketing dollar spent should be tracked to allow our customers to learn what works and what doesn’t so advertising dollars can be spent with confidence.  


Track Results

Whether it’s digital marketing or time-tested direct mail, you can track all your marketing efforts with TracPoint to increase ROI.

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stand out amongst competitors

Make sure customers know that your business is different by sending customized marketing material with your store information and maps.


easy for you

TracPoint makes marketing easy. Let us do all the work for you. Whether it is custom app development, social media advertising, or direct mail, TracPoint experts simplify the process for you.

Customer loyalty

Make your store, your customer’s store. Your retail location should be the first place your customers think of to purchase additional products.




“Our strategic partners share our core values of integrity, quality, and exceptional customer service.”