Share Your Content to Thousands of Retailers in Minutes!

Join the network of TracPoint Content Provider Partners, and realize the potential of our social media content platform. Rapidly deploy your content, ads and videos to thousands of wireless retailers’ social media pages in minutes. We work deep within the wireless industry across the US and Canada, assisting our customers with sell through via social media. What do you have to contribute?

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Current Landscape

  • Agents want to post relevant, approved manufacturer content but don’t know where to go to get it

  • Many copy and paste content found on the web, or create their own

  • Many agents do not follow branding guidelines, and run rogue

  • Its’s almost impossible to manage how your content and brand assets are being used across thousands of social media pages

  • As a manufacturer it is very difficult if not impossible to deliver content out to all distribution points effectively


Example Content Provider Flow

Deliver your content into our library where it is made accessible for dealers to push out to all social media pages, and down to the front line sales staff to share.

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Easily Share Your Content

  • All post ready content is stored in a library for agents to easily access

  • Select which agents can access your content

  • Agents can search for key tag words to find exactly what they are looking for

  • Schedule content to be mass deleted across all social pages at the end of a campaign period


Control Your Brand

  • Create a custom post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram

  • Attach a link, image, video or coupon to your post

  • Personalize content with an agents locations address and store phone number when posted out to different pages

  • Set start and end dates for your posts so your content can only be consumed during the campaign period


Ad Buy and Boost

  • Produce highly targeted ad campaigns within minutes with out the need for an agency

  • Eliminate all agency fees. Agents pay exactly what Facebook charges with no traditional agency markup

Create and deploy sponsored ads in three simple steps:

  • Create post

  • Choose locations

  • Track redemption’s


Calculate ROI

  • View and track how your posts are being distributed across social media. See impressions and engagement

  • Sort by agent, and by content with highest engagement

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