Simple, Trackable, Customizable Coupons 

Create and track digital coupons that are customized for your brand. This drag-and-drop platform is simple enough for anyone to use while tracking clicks and redemptions.

digital coupons

Quickly Create Beautiful Digital Coupons

Create different styles of coupons that can be quickly deployed across multiple media channels. 



Easily Drag and Drop Elements Into Your Coupons

Easily design and customize your own digital coupon. Choose your images and desired features to publish within minutes.



Track Coupon Redemptions with Serialized Barcodes

Choose your coupon type (static or serialized) and track all your results. Help eliminate coupon fraud with our one time redemption feature.



Direct Traffic to Your Locations With Our Geo Map

Display your closest 3 locations where your coupon can be redeemed. Easy one touch connection to each store.



Distribute Coupons Across Multiple Media Channels

Distribute your coupons through all media including web, email, SMS, social media, and print.



Deploy and Manage Multiple Promotion Types

Prefer to use a static barcode? We’ve got those. You can even create promotional landing pages with no barcode.



Connect Your System to Ours Via API

Connect your POS, or system to us via our API (Contact us for our API documentation).



Track Campaigns with Advanced Analytics

Track all your campaign results with our coupon analytics tool.  Coupon clicks by date,  geo coupon data,  shares,  mobile device,  operating system and more.