One Platform to Manage All Your Social Media

The TracPoint - Rallio Platform is designed to make managing your social media simple and the content you produce impactful. With this innovative program, you can easily manage your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp, and Google from one central login. From controlling the content and posts for all your locations, to viewing and responding to all reviews and comments, to monitoring page growth and activities with the reports. It’s all here. Harness the power of social media and protect your brand at the same time.

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Manage Multiple Locations From One Platform

See your best and worst performing locations at a glance and know why they’re performing well or if they need improvement. Post content to all stores, one store, or groups of stores all with a click of a button. Set permissions for each location, to control and manage both content and brand.



Create, Store, and Distribute Your Social Media Content

Our technology platform allows you to create, store, and distribute your social media content, videos, and ads across multiple locations. Deploy specific content to all stores, a group of stores, or a select store quickly and easily. Engage your sales staff to grow your social media presence.


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Create Local Content From Your Device

The Rallio app lets you engage in the power of local content right from your phone. Manage and post to your social media accounts all from one place. With the mobile app you can quickly and easily create and post content to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Create Different Levels of Access

Set permissions and access levels for different members of your organization. Give the ability to create/post content with approval, respond to inbox and respond to reviews. Adjust the settings by locations.

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Simple, Trackable, Customizable Coupons 

Our technology allows businesses to create and post digital offers with unique serialized barcodes for redemption tracking. Attach to any post, drive and measure your results.



Manage All Reviews From Different Social Media Platforms

All reviews from your customers are brought into one social reviews tab for you to easily respond to. Check your brand reputation for the company, region, or by individual stores. Even sort by star rating, and respond from within the dashboard. You can get alerted via email when someone leaves a negative review.



Deploy Facebook Campaigns Around a Specific Area

Deploy marketing campaigns around the buying radius of your store within minutes without the need for an agency. Target a store, a region or all your locations. Posts can be personalized with local store data, along with the ability to link your audience to a serialized coupon and landing page displaying your three closest store locations. Includes advanced analytics to track your ROI.



Manage Company Branding

Eliminate inconsistent branding, unclaimed pages, and the chaos of managing your brand across multiple social platforms. Easily update all your social media cover photos and profile pictures with the click of a button.



Detailed Analytics By Location

Analytical data at your finger tips for every location. Followers, engagement, check-ins, reviews, brand reputation and more! Plus, TracPoint offers the most robust coupon analytics platform available. Create a coupon and see how it performs.



Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Leverage the power of your employees to promote your business. Did you know that each employee has 348 followers on average, and that content shared by them will generate an 8X improvement vs content shared by the corporate brand?

Employee Generated Content

  • Pictures of happy customers

  • Grand openings

  • Store events

  • Employee spotlights

  • Product videos & highlights

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Employee Advocacy Leaderboard

Employee Advocacy allows you to provide approved content for your employees to easily share across their social pages. View and measure employee activity as they help you grow your social presence. See how often your employees are promoting your brand and sharing your content.

  • Current promotions

  • Videos

  • Job openings & more


Manage Your Directory Listings

Did you know... if a retailer's location info contradicts itself online, the location will be down prioritized in online search results? Our optional directory listings Rallio plug-in allows you to easily manage and update directory listings for multiple locations from one place. The best part? Your location information is already correct in Rallio and ready to be published!