Here is Why Print Isn't Dead


We are living in a time dominated by digitalization and we tend to focus more on the online medium and have misconceptions about using printed advertisement as a channel. Nowadays we tend to invest more money in online advertising, because we think that print is not working anymore.

Grasps Consumers’ Attention

In the online world, we are attacked by banners from different campaigns or remarketing, video advertisements, discounts and offers, messages, and pop-up windows that are taking place at the same time. You most likely don’t pay attention to all of them or you saw them so many times they become annoying and you hide them from your screen.

However, a printed advertisement creates a bridge with the reader. It offers a one-on-one relationship, in which people can choose whether to focus more on a page, or to come back and read that message again later. It is about letting the consumer make their own decisions regarding what kind of content they want to focus their attention on and when they want to. Due to this, they are more likely to remember who provided the message and what it was about.

Competitive Advantage

There are less competitors offline than online. Being present offline requires putting more time and effort into crafting a print advertisement that resonates with the consumer. This will help you stand out amongst those who do not use print.

Even if you can target your audience online, you can do it via printed advertisements too. The difference is, most of the time you don’t have to choose your target because the target will choose you. You just have to analyze their habits and make sure your advertisement will be available for them in key places. For example, if you want to promote your career opportunities, distribute your printed materials on university campuses, in stores situated near the university, near the Metro station etc.

Powerful Combination

Online advertising is essential to any marketing strategy but if you combine both, you will receive maximum results. By going against the grain, you end up standing out in a positive way.

Audrey Boyer